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Product Support

If your technical support requirement is not fulfilled by this site, please contact Technical Support directly. 

Authorized Service Centers:

For all domestic service requirements, please contact Pulse Instruments directly at support@pulseinstruments.com. Pulse Instruments also has factory authorized support centers in:


  • W.J.H. SERVICE CENTER (Beijing) 
    • No.2 Jiu Xian Qiao Road
    • Chaoyang Dist.
    • Beijing, 100015 
    • China 
    • Tel.: (8610) 6436-2211 ext 305
    • Fax: (8610) 6436-7365
    • E-mail: service@wjhinc.com 
    • Website: http://www.wjhinc.com 
    • Contact: Mr. Zhao Jianzhong & Mr. Rong Zhenzhong

All Others:


All documentation is in Adobe Portable Document® format (.pdf) and requires the freely available Adobe® Acrobat Reader.


The GPIBCom utility is used to send and receive plain-text strings to/from Pulse Instruments instruments equipped with GPIB interfaces. This utility is unsupported and is provided for customers' convenience only.

Sample Pattern Files:

These files are intended as demonstrations of programming concepts and as troubleshooting aids for users of the PI-2005 Pattern Generator.

  • 16-bit Ramp--A simple counter that will count from 0 - 255 all the way up to 0 - 65535. The subpatterns are structured to illustrate the concept of subpattern re-use.
    • PI-PAT (.w25) file, (800 KB)
  • Channel Counter--The number of pulses is equal to the channel number, from 1 to 32, with channels grouped in 4's for easy counting on your 'scope.
    • PI-PAT (.w25) file, (269 KB)
  • Random Data--64 Kb deep x 16 channels wide. It is pseudo-random, in that it will repeat every 65,536 bits
    • PI-PAT (.w25) file, (784 KB)
  • SineWave--256 bit period x 16 channels wide x 4 cycles
    • PI-PAT (.w25) file, (288 KB)

The PI-PAT (.w25) files can be opened directly in PI-PAT, and will get you up and running right away. The text/binary files are built using the (1010) * n programming methodology, and the text/hex files are built with the hex load programming methodology, to illustrate the differences in programming efficiency and file size between the two. 

Either file type can be imported into PI-PAT or sent to the PI-2005 over GPIB and will result in an identical native pattern file (.w25).

Technical Support Bulletins:

  • TSB014501--CompactPCI instrument fails to start up

Legacy Product Information

The following products have been discontinued. Pulse Instruments is no longer taking new orders for these products, and all information contained this pages for informational purposes only.

  • PI-4005--This Data Acquisition System has been replaced by a smaller, faster and more affordable PI-3105 Data Acquisition System. The PI-3105 scales better, with better noise performance and better testing flexiblity.
  • PI-5800A--This Data Generator has been replaced by a smaller, faster and more affordable PI-2005 Pattern Generator. Backward compatibility features make it easy to migrate your existing test setup. Test programs can be translated into PI-2005 format using PI-PAT and PI-Convert software that is bundled with every new PI-2005.
  • PI-6500--This Data Generator has also been replaced by the PI-2005 Pattern Generator. Most test program features can be translated into PI-2005 format using PI-PAT software that is bundled with every new PI-2005.

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