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PI-41702 Four Channel Low-Noise DC Bias Card

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  • Four Output Channels
  • ± 8 Volt Output
  • ± 100 mA Output Current
  • Low Noise Circuitry
  • V/I Sense


  • Device Characterization
  • CMOS Testing
  • FPA Testing
  • Test Instrumentation
  • Test Systems


The Pulse Instruments PI-41702 Four Channel Low Noise DC Bias Card, along with other stimulus cards, is designed for the modular instrument platform CompactPCI. This card is a 6U Eurocard size that will plug directly into the CompactPCI chassis.

As a test or design engineer you must have state-of-the-art tools to test, characterize and verify your complex semiconductor devices and circuit boards. The PI-41702 Four Channel Low Noise DC Bias Card is one of the high performance, low-cost test instrumentation tools offered by Pulse Instruments.

Instrument Description

The PI-41702 is a four channel bipolar DC Bias supply that can provide an output current up to 100 mA per channel. The output voltage ranges from –8 V to +8 V, and this card has special filter circuitry to reduce the output noise for those applications that require a low noise bias output. Additionally there is a ‘D’ type connector that allows the introduction of laboratory type supplies to reduce the noise further. To change from using the internal power supplies to external power supplies requires repositioning jumpers. The PI-41702 also has voltage and current sense for remote measurement of the voltage and current levels. 

This sense circuitry is accessed via banana jacks on the front board flange, to be measured with a customer-supplied DVM. The voltage and current can also be sensed with an 8-bit A/D converter and sent over the PCI or GPIB bus.*

The signal output connectors are SMA.

*The internal ADC sense circuitry is meant for measurements not requiring high precision, e.g. ranging estimates and short detection. For precision measurements, use the external sense connectors and a calibrated DVM. Please see the Specifications page for accuracy specifications. 

Ordering Information:

Contact Pulse Instruments Sales at (310) 515-5330 or by email at sales@pulseinstruments.com

PI-41701 | Specifications | Datasheet


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