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Analog and Digital Data Acquisition for Image Sensor Testing

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PI-3105 Multi-Channel A/D Data Acquisition System:

  • For CCDs, IR FPAs, and CMOS image sensors with analog outputs
  • Scalable, up to 32 channels
  • Low-Noise Architecture
  • 16-bit ADC at 10/20 MHz with optional CDS
  • 14-bit ADC at 40 MHz
  • Modular and reconfigurable
  • Real-time imaging


PI-41000 Digital Acquisition Card:

  • Twin 80 MHz inputs capture up to 320 MBps per card
  • 4 GB on-board memory per card
  • LVDS inputs
  • Up to 8 cards can be stacked for increased data rate and capacity

Analog Solutions:

For devices with analog outputs, we are now shipping our new multi-channel data acquisition system. This high-speed, low-noise solution is highly modular, so you can test scientific CCDs and high-speed machine-vision CMOS sensors with the same basic system. Swappable pre-amps and A/D converter modules enable you to reconfigure your test system to fit your needs.

The analog components of the system are electrically isolated from the data, control signals, and power supplies in the digital section, ensuring a low-noise acquisition environment for your most sensitive devices.

The system is scalable, too, offering from 1-32 channels of ADC. Digital outputs are then interfaced into our CompactPCI digital acquisition solution, described below. 

Digital Solutions:

Our CompactPCI digital acquisition cards will acquire two 16-bit words in parallel, or a single 32-bit word at up to 80 MHz. A single 16-bit work may be acquired at up 120 MHz. 4 GB of RAM are provided on-board to prevent the PCI bus from becoming the bottleneck in your testing. You can acquire at full frame rate without any dropouts or missed frames.

You can also stack cards and use our 4:1 multiplexer feature for devices with 2, 4, 8, 16 or even 32 outputs.

Other features include continuous acquisition (i.e. no blanking required between frames), area-of-interest (AOI), and Bayer de-mosaicing of color sensor data.


All Pulse Instruments acquisition products include PI-Controller software to provide acquisition setup and control, along with tools for viewing pixel plots (B/W, false color, true-color), histograms, 'scope/skyline plots, and raw pixel data.

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